Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Premier League Kits Of 2012/2013

Here are all the new kits for each Premier League team for the 2012/2013 season, I have rated each one out of 10

Arsenal Home: 8

Arsenal Away: 9

Aston Villa Home: 6

Aston Villa Away: 4
Chelsea Home: 7

Chelsea Away: 8

Everton Home: 7

Everton Away: 8

Fulham Home: 6

Fulham Away: 4

Liverpool Home: 7

Liverpool Away: 7

Manchester City Home: 7

Manchester City Away: 5

Manchester United Home: 6

Manchester United Away: 6

Newcastle Home: 7
Newcastle Away: 6

Norwich Home: 5

Norwich Away: 7

QPR Home: 7

QPR Away: 4

Reading Home: 6

Reading Away: 7

Southampton Home: 7

Southampton Away: 7

Stoke Home: 7

Stoke Away: 5

Sunderland Home: 7

Sunderland Away: 7

Swansea Home: 8

Swansea Away: 9

Tottenham Home: 6

Tottenham Away: 7

West Brom Home: 7

West Brom Away: 8

West Ham Home: 7

West Ham Away: 8

Wigan Home: 8

Wigan Away: 8

So there, every home and away kit for each Premier League team and rated out of 10.

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  1. Nice!

    I hear Spurs are launching a third kit via FIFA 13...a bit different

    1. Thanks for commenting, it's great to have some feeedback!

      You heard correct, they launched their kit today! If you want to see it then here's the link, it's a FIFA video but still shows the kit!


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