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Who Is The Best Striker In The Premier League?

Strikers often grab the glory on matchdays, especially in the Premier League so we ask the question - Who is the best striker in the Premier League? In this article we will take a number of factors into consideration not just how many goals they score.

So we begin with none other than Van the Man, Robin Van Persie. The flying Dutchman had a phenomenal season bagging the golden boot with 30 goals in the league. His sweet left foot was the downfall of many teams as he fired in goal after goal throughout the campaign. He doesn't just score goals, he joins in with the play often dropping in to receive the ball before spraying it wide and darting into the box for a chance. Robin doesn't always have the best work rate and isn't keen on helping out at all in winning the ball back. Anyone who can score that many goals in a season has to be considered as one of the best around which he definitely is..

Undoubtedly one of the most controversial forwards of all time is Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan is a hero in the eyes of the Kop but not so popular with anyone else. He suffered slightly with the odd injury but his season was mainly hindered by the racism scandal which meant he had to endure a ban. He still bagged 11 league goals and chipped in with 3 assists. The highlight of his season was definitely his sublime hattrick against Norwich which included a David Beckham like effort. He definitely has talent but it is not always clear to see, he does struggle slightly with consistency but when his ability shines through he is a great player. Suarez has talent but he has to make sure that is more evident than his disciplinary problems. Currently only 25, Suarez is perhaps one of the best but not yet the best striker maybe he will be in the future if he can sort himself out.

Next is one of the hottest strikers around, Newcastle's Papiss Cisse. Since coming to St. James Park (Not the Sports Direct Arena!) Cisse has been a sensation. For someone to join a new team and then settle in to such a difficult and fast league which the Premier League definitely is, was unbelievable. It has taken strikers a season to settle in at times but not Cisse, he got straight down to business and made himself a hero instantly with his extremely impressive scoring rate which currently stands at 13 goals in 14 games. It has been suggested to me that Cisse is a half-season wonder, he very well might be but I think it is unlikely as the talent he has shown wouldn't just go like that, you can see he has ability, he just needs to keep up the good work. Maybe he isn't the best striker in the league just yet but if he can maintain his red-hot form and scoring rate into next season then he could very well be soon.

Another who settled in very quickly into the Premier League is Manchester City's Sergio Aguero. He became a hero forever when he got the title winning goal against QPR back in May. In his first season he managed to get 23 goals which is very impressive in itself. He is very quick and always knows where the goal is and often finds it with a cute little finish. Had a slight dry patch in the season where he couldn't get a goal but that soon sorted itself out and he found himself back on the scoresheet again. Only 24 years old, Aguero definitely has a bright future but I don't think he is the best in the league just yet.

Also on the list is Aguero's Argentine partner at Manchester City, Carlos Tevez. After his return to action Tevez immediately showed his quality and linked up beautifully with Aguero a number of times. Tevez gets goals but that is not his only asset, he also has a phenomenal work rate. He hounds down the ball from opponents and gets his rewards rightfully for it, he has a never give up attitude also. He is quite a controversial figure but his ability is clear to see and when he returned to action earlier in the season he started where he left off, scoring goals. I don't feel that Manchester City is the best team for him, I think he would benefit from playing somewhere else but if he can produce performances like that there then he can play anywhere he wants.

Next is a Spaniard, Chelsea's Fernando Torres. Some of you will be thinking "What?! How is he on here?!". I can see your point but I am a fan of Torres, I dislike his disloyalty in the way he just dumped Liverpool as soon as another club came knocking but as a player I admire him. Although he has had a tough time at Chelsea, things are looking up for him as he won the EURO Golden Boot and managed to find some goalscoring form at the end of the Premier League season too. He works hard for his team, not quite as hard as Tevez but still more than most forwards. Torres has pace to burn and when he is in form, he is almost unplayable, the only problem for him is reaching that form however he seems to be re-finding himself again and we are starting to see some of the old Fernando Torres again. If he can start next season where he left off then the Premier League better watch out 'cause 'El Nino' is red-hot when he is on form.

Last but by no means least is Manchester United's Wayne Rooney. The former Evertonian had a very good season for United, coming 2nd in the Golden Boot race and grabbing 27 league goals. Rooney is another who has an excellent work rate and like Van Persie he sometimes drops in to join in the play. He has a great shot on him and as a player is intelligent, although the same cannot be said off the pitch! Deadly from free kicks, decent in the air, fairly quick and powerful Rooney has all the attributes a striker needs but what sets him apart is his tenacity. Rooney had a poor EURO'S in my opinion and was awful but in the league he was excellent, he just needs to find his form again.

In conclusion, in my opinion, the best striker in the Premier League is Wayne Rooney. You may disagree but I feel he is pretty much the complete striker and he offers a lot to any team he plays in. Not only does he play well within the team, he gets goals too and this was shown with his 27 this season. He has a determination to succeed and like I said is tenacious. I'd love to know who you think is the best striker in the Premier League and if you think I missed anyone out on the list of candidates, leave those comments in the comment section below.

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  1. Robin Van Persie? How could you miss out the top goal scorer!?

  2. I didn't, he's first on the list?


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