Friday, 22 February 2013

Why the ‘Race for the Title’ Is Still a Race [Guest Article]

Many pundits, fans and players seem to have it etched into their minds that Manchester United have already won the Premier League this season. But whilst it is mathematically possible, there is still the chance that they may slip up. A variety of factors could yet work against Manchester United to allow Manchester City to prevail in their place. 


There’s a famous first half to a phrase that states “form is temporary”. And that is the exact reason why City could yet catch up with United. 12 points is ‘only’ 4 wins, and if United hit a dry spell and draw and lose a couple, then a rampant City could be ready to pounce. The 2 sides still have to meet at Old Trafford at the start of April, and if City win there and sit between 4 and 6 points behind United, then they will fancy their chances of spoiling the Reds’ party.

Law of Averages

This is similar to form, but instead of City being able to catch up because they hit form and United lose it, this is simply down to luck. A fortunate refereeing decision, a close goal-line call or a debatable sending-off going against United or for City could be the pivot required to send the Citizens closer to the Red Devils.


You don’t have to look back very far to find a season where the title-race has chopped and changed even though teams seem to have secured an unassailable advantages. Take last season, for example. Both teams were 8 points adrift of the other at some point in the season yet they were virtually equal again by the final game of the season. If 8 point gaps can be turned around, then a 12 point gap can – if everything, or most things, discussed in this article, go in City’s favour.


If RVP gets injured then United could be in a bit of trouble. I know they have Hernandez, Welbeck and Rooney but none of them match up to the clinical Dutchman who has let them off time and time again. Or, if Michael Carrick gets injured, suddenly their midfield doesn’t look like a title-winning one and they might start to struggle to break down supposedly weaker teams. Of course, the same could happen to City, for example, if Aguero and Toure (Yaya) got injured…but if injuries conspire against United then the title race isn’t over yet.

Manchester City

Manchester City are a very good team. If they turn it on between now and the end of the season there is no reason why they can’t go close to a 100% record. Aguero, Tevez, Toure, Dzeko, Milner, Silva, Kompany, Hart etc. are all world-class on their day and with players like these in any squad you can never write them off.
There’s no doubt that Manchester United are clear, overwhelming favourites to win the title back from the blue half of Manchester; but there is still hope for City yet.

By Alex Beck (@becktheyidcoys)

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  1. Decent article, I still think United will win the title but after last season, you never know!

  2. City have got to hope for all of these things to fall in their favour, they can't afford to slip up anymore.

  3. I think it is a tough ask especially given the fact that as we all know and for which Allardyce has been fined that the section of the article about refs giving decisions against UTD is as rare as them slipping up so it takes that out of the equation. Coupled with Fergies mind games at this stage of the season I think it is all over but I would love to see it get closer, for the sake of decent football and an interest in it. As I have alluded to I am a West Ham fan and am currently looking over my shoulder at what is behind rather than up at the top but it does make it a little anti climatic if it's over by now.


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