Saturday, 14 July 2012

Which League Is The Best League In The World?

For a few years now the Premier League has been widely known as the best league in the world but is it really?

You can buy all the big name players you want but when it comes to drama you simply cannot, it is priceless. Last season we all witnessed one of the most dramatic finishes to a season, EVER. You couldn't have made it up, if you were a Man City fan then what a great day for you, 2 goals in injury time to win the league against your biggest rivals, it doesn't get much better than that! Sometimes the Prem is criticised as being the reason for the England National Team's demise in recent times due to the fact that it has so many foreign players in it, however this is not uncommon in other leagues where their national team is successful. 

The Prem has an enormous amount of talent in it nowadays with many clubs spending big in the transfer market to attract the big names. Even in a 0-0 draw there is still excitement and often controversy, nearly every match is exciting and with such great talent on show it's difficult not for it to be. I think what helps the excitement is the tempo of the football, it is fast. If you watch other international teams play the pace is a lot slower and attacks tend to build up gradually. Tight pitches help this too but you won't see more counter attacks in any other league due to the fast tempo of the games. 

If you look at other leagues to compare it to, there's really no competition. The French Ligue 1 isn't really that big and there are not too many good teams. The Bundesliga isn't much better either, a decent league that has improved recently but nothing on the Prem. The Italian League, Serie A is absolutely riddled with match fixing and scandals and its integrity is hugely questionable. I think the main competitor though is the Spanish league, Liga BBVA. Mainly due to the fact it is home to 2 of the great/greatest European sides in Barcelona and Real Madrid. However the downfall of the league is that it is simply a 2 horse race, it's similar to the SPL in that aspect as there are only 2 teams that compete to win the league and it is those 2 that I mentioned earlier. This makes it very predictable and a large percentage of the games boring as they so one-sided. One league that has caught my eye recently is the Chinese League, it is only really just getting started but teams in it are able to offer players monumental wages and it has allowed them to attract the likes of Drogba, Anelka, Yakubu, Keita and Barrios to name a few. I feel that if this league continues to develop then it may give the European Leagues some competition. 

Another factor on the Premier League's side is how open it is. There aren't really and poor teams, every season there is an upset with a team at the bottom of the league beating one at the top. The relegation or title battle is always open and the teams that are to be relegated or win the league are never really that predictable, it has never been a foregone conclusion, there are always twists and turns in the season. You have about 5 or 6 teams that could win the league each year and even more who are candidates for relegation but one thing you are assured of is top class excitement and a season not to be missed. 

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