Thursday, 28 January 2016

Is Gary Neville Right About The Premier League?

It's no secret that the Premier League is the wealthiest in world football. Buying foreign stars for large amounts of money has become a ritual. From teenagers with blistering futures to players at the peak of their powers, England has become accustom to spending big money. 

Sky Sports pundit and now Valencia boss Gary Neville recently spoke about the problems with English football when covering a match between West Ham and Newcastle. 

He highlighted that 'we (being the English league) are funding the rest of Europe...' and he's not wrong. 

Examples that he spoke about consist of Anthony Martial for £36 million and Roberto Firmino for £20 million in which their previous clubs stated it was huge amounts of money.

He goes on to mention how 'we are a bank' simply due to the amount of money the Premier League has.

Do you agree with him? Let us know!

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