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The Hottest Prospects in Football (Part 3)

With young talent being so sought after in the modern game, we take a look at some of the hottest young prospects in football at the moment. I've put together a number of different reports from a variety of different sources to give you a wide range of writing. Make sure you check out some of the writers as this is only a flavour of their work! I'm not claiming this is a fully comprehensive list of all young talent, simply a selection! I've also included an edited picture of each player, hope you like them!

Thiago Alacantara (21)

Thiago Alcântara is perhaps one of the best Spanish young players around who, in game time terms, under the radar. He plays for Barcelona, so it is understandable as to why he struggles for first-team games – not because he doesn’t have that ability (he most certainly does) but because of the midfielders ahead of him.

Born in Italy, fathered by Brazilian legend Mazinho and growing up in Spain, Thiago hasn’t had the easy life. First he was at Flamengo until he was 5 when he moved to Spain to play for lower-league Spanish sides whilst his father played for Elche. He returned home to Flamengo before finding his way to La Masia aged 14.

But from this, he’s grown into an incredible player. A young, sensational, ambitious player who possess such great passing ability, fabulous first touch and the knowledge and insight which he’s learned from the great La Masia. His ability is well known as is his potential, and at just 21 he’s already achieved 3 caps for the Spanish national team.

Regarded as the undisputed replacement to Andrés Iniesta, until Isco arrived on the scene, he will surely, but slowly play a key part in Barcelona’s future as well as Spain’s future. Many believe he’s developing into the ‘Xavi role’ but one thing we should all know is that he is the future of Barcelona – he’s the player which optimises and represents Barcelona’s vision, philosophy and beliefs.

Written By: (@lastgaspgoal)

Lucas Moura (20)

Along with Neymar and Oscar, Brazil also have another young and upcoming attacking prodigy in the form of Lucas Moura. At just the mere age of 20, He has played for Brazil 23 times and was bought by mega-rich PSG for $45 million, the clubs most expensive signing ever. 

Moura who joined PSG in January has really added something to the already star studded line-up. In the 8 appearances he has made for Les Parisians, Moura has created 15 key chances, which averages to nearly 2 a game, for a 20 year old, his talent is out of this world. Most defenders must tremble in terror when they hear Moura's name. 

The Brazilian primarily operates as a winger but can also play as an attacking midfielder. Like most Brazilians, Moura seems to love the joy of taking the ball past an opponent in an eccentric way, combined with his pace he can be a real pain for defenders. Moura is just the latest in a string of hot prospects for Brazil, and with his help, it could see Brazil return to their normal world-cup winning ways. All Moura can do now is improve and improve, Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva, remember the name.

Written By: (@Guardiology)

Raphael Varane (19)

Of all the talented youngsters in the world, it is Raphael Varane; centre-half for Real Madrid who is earning rave reviews after producing some outstanding defensive performances for Los Blancos. Varane has received a great deal of game-time recently; cementing his place at the heart of the Real defence alongside Sergio Ramos.

Varane is what some would consider to be the perfect defender, seen as though he is equipped with all the correct attributes to become one of the best defenders of our generation. He is a strong, quick and powerful centre-back who is flawless at bringing the ball out from the back, he is incredibly comfortable on the ball and his decision-making is first-class. The Frenchman is also an exceptional reader of the game, often timing tackles and interceptions to perfection, as well as being the victor when locked in a battle with an opposition striker.

His most impressive trait is his aerial threat; he is extremely powerful and dominant in the air and can generate an enormous amount of power in his headers, something which can be successful at both ends of the pitch. The Former RC Lens youth product has the perfect physique for a defender; being tall and stocky, he is able to easily out-muscle strikers and the way he plays is incredibly reminiscent of former France defender Lillian Thuram. It would appear that he has the perfect package for a defender and if he is able to continue to mature and develop over the next few years, you wouldn't put it past him becoming one of the best defenders in the world.

Written By: (@BackOf_TheNet)

Romelu Lukaku (19)

Whilst Lukaku hasn't reached the dizzying European heights that some have in this article, he cannot be underestimated. The powerhouse has been a revelation for West Brom this season and has been a catalyst to their new found success. With 13 goals in all competitions this season, Lukaku has become a thorn in many's side.

The Belgian is actually on loan from Chelsea and this has led to him being dubbed 'the new Drogba'. In my opinion, this is actually rather accurate as they both share impressive physical attributes that are a huge part of their game. Lukaku is a powerful striker and the big Belgian can hold up the ball to great effect, using his strength to his advantage. For a big man, he is also deceitfully quick and combined with his power, it is a lethal combination, you definitely wouldn't want to go into a 50/50 with him!

Lukaku also comes across as an intelligent footballer to me, this is evident in his hold up play which is very patient. This is further emphasised in his determination to improve as Baggies manager Steve Clarke claimed the striker has stayed behind to practice shooting. All in all, Lukaku present a massive prospect for the future, indicated by his success this campaign, if he is this deadly at the age of 19 then imagine what he'll be like, fully developed in a few years. A thought I'm sure many defenders dread!

Written By: Me! (@Latest_Footy)

Thanks to all the writers who got involved. If you liked any writer in particular then be sure to leave a comment or follow them on twitter! I do requests on photo edits of players so if you liked the pictures then get in touch on twitter (@Latest_Footy)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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